14 April 2011

You never forget your first sale

I sold my first make up bag yesterday - it seems those colleagues who said my bags were good and they'd want to buy one weren't lying!

My first sale was a small make up bag made in Amy Butler fabrics (Daisy chain in clematis and lined with Belle oxford stripe) - ta da!

What's that? Why yes, it is a Josie and May label! How lovely of you to notice!

It never ceases to amaze me how popular the outer fabric is amongst my friends. It's brown, I keep thinking, who'd want that? But clearly I did - I bought it for a reason!

I have another order for a larger make up bag using the same fabric combinations from another work colleague, and I plan on working out a pattern for a make up brush wrap, so that'll keep me busy over the weekend.

I can't wait to make more and sell them on Etsy. It's been good practice, forcing me to make sure the stitching is as close to perfect as I can get, rather than thinking that it'll do as it's only for me.

It also gave me an opportunity to try out wrapping ideas. I love opening those purchases you make online only to discover the seller has made a bit of an effort in sending it to you. I had planned on having sorted out the Josie and May colours by now, and also have some moo mini cards to use, but those work/life scales have been tipped firmly towards work in the last couple of months and those were the things that could wait. Fortunately I love wrapping presents, so have quite a stash of tissue paper and ribbon. It was the perfect excuse to use the stitch-effect ribbon I picked up when I visited Wyken Vineyards just before Christmas (we spent so much time at the farmers market and in the shop that we forgot to actually look around the vineyard - oops).

I knew it was bought as a present for a family member, so I included a little gift tag she can write a message on and stick on before passing on (if it had been for her to keep, I would have written out the tag myself).

So now I'm recovering from all of the excitement, and preparing for a weekend spent in front of the sewing machine. Lovely.

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