25 May 2011

I made a shade (and I like it)

I tend to think of myself as a self taught crafter, but in reality I've had a bit of help on the way.  This has mostly been in the form of The Make Lounge, a lovely space in north London which offers a variety of workshops. I've tried quite a few, and learnt something in all of them, but last week's workshop on making a lampshade was brilliant.

I've harboured a desire to make my own lampshade ever since the first series of Kirstie's Homemade Home. I'm not going to say she made it look easy (she didn't, otherwise I would have tried it at home ages ago!), but I like a challenge. And I've been struggling to find the perfect lampshade for the living room - now shadeless for nearly a year - so I jumped at the chance to learn a new skill when the classes were announced.

The teacher explained everything simply, and all of us seemed to follow the process well enough. It's actually quite a methodical process, so next time I make one (and there will be a next time!), I feel confident that it'll look just as good.

Confession time - I'm a bad blogger, and forgot to take my camera. Worry not though - I have a picture of my finished lampshade. Ta da!

Ok, so it hasn't quite made it near a light fitting yet, but look at it. The stripes aren't wonky! I even challenged the boy to find the seam, and he struggled. I think that's a success. And just look at the rolled finish. I'm beginning to see why lampshades cost so much - all that rolling takes it out of a girls hand. Even so, I can't wait to do it all over again.

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