27 March 2011

Procrastinator is my middle name

Today was supposed to be spent tidying.

I'm not very good at tidying.

I get easily distracted by things like reading old magazines. The very ones I'm supposed to be putting in the recycling. This does not please the boy.

Today's tidying involved being near the sewing machine I've hardly had the time to look at, let alone use recently.

Next to it, my camera.

I couldn't resist the urge to make this little thing.

I used a tutorial from Photojojo, which was quick and easy (and relatively mess-free) - all straight lines, and it just slips over the strap that came with the camera. And I got to use the pinking shears I got for Christmas for the first time - bonus!

So I no longer have to look at the boring black strap with the massive logo in the middle. But I do still have to tidy up.

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