19 January 2013

What would Delia do?

When Claire at Miso Funky got in contact after I wrote about renegade craft fair, and asked if I'd like the 'What would Delia do' kit, I replied in the only way I know how. "Hell yeah!" (ok, technically that's not what I wrote in the email, but it was definitely the response in my head.)


These kits are the perfect introduction to cross stitching. They're small, so you're not overwhelmed by too much fabric, or too many stitches. The kits include everything everything you need - fabric, thread, chart and instructions. The only thing it doesn't include is a hoop (although the instructions say you don't need one, I used one and think it's better for it).


You get plenty of thread in the kit - this is what was left!
The instructions included in the kit are easy to follow. Which is good, because although I'd wanted to try cross stitch for a while I'd never bothered looking into how you do it - I think it's fair to say I was a complete novice! I did separate the thread into 2 strands as instructed, but I think next time I would try it with three or four strands.

I'm pretty proud of this little baby. It's going up on our kitchen wall, so next time I'm in the middle of a culinary meltdown, I can just look up and ask myself...


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