5 September 2011

Pattern love

We had a bit of a clear out at home the other week, so I took a load of no longer wanted but perfectly good items down to my local charity shop.

The smart thing to do, since part of the reason for the clear out was a lack of space, was to exit as soon as I dropped the bags. But no. A little voice inside me said I needed to have a look around.

And so it was that I stumbled across two piles of vintage (or just old) sewing patterns.

This was the first time I'd come across sewing patterns in a charity shop, so I went through the piles twice, just to make sure I didn't miss something. Well, the first time I checked the sizes for something that might actually fit, and the second time for a pattern that I might love but may need a bit of adjustment.

 And so I came away with these two beauties.

This Simplicity pattern (from 1977) is for short and long skirts and cullottes. I've been avoiding buying skirts for ages, as I thought I already had quite a lot in my wardrobe. Turns out I was wrong, so I'll attempt the short skirt (left hand side drawing) at some point.

Simplicity 8248

And how amazing is this 1974 Halston design from McCalls? At first I though it was nightwear, but turns out this is (apparently) the kind of thing people wore during the day time in the 1970s. I still think it'll make great PJs (is that a heretical thing to say about a pattern from the great Halston?).

McCalls 4264

I might have bought more, but there were no prices on any of them so I didn't want to get carried away. Turns out they were £3.99 each. I have no idea if this is a great deal, or whether I've been had, but as the money went to charity I'm not too bothered if it's the latter.

I'm also in danger of getting a stash of Colette patterns. The Crepe dress pattern is ready and waiting for me, but I've been distracted by the new Peony dress pattern. 

Colette Peony dress

There's also a new blouse (jasmine) and the first trouser (Clover) patterns from Colette (you can get a sneak peak of all three on the Coletterie blog), but I'm also eagerly awaiting the Colette sewing handbook, due for release in November.

” title=

But first I've got the V1179 to start on. I fell in love with this pattern as soon as Karen mentioned it on her blog. I've banned myself from buying any more dresses, but this is quite similar to items already in my wardrobe and will be just right for work layered up with a long sleeved tee and tights for the winter.

V1179 dress

I'm hoping the fact that it's only three pieces to sew together will help me get my clothes making mojo back after the fitting issues with the V1992 and V8554. Plus it'll be my first chance to properly test out my overlocker - always a bonus!

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