27 July 2011

The one where I actually do something

So after weeks months of procrastination, I've finally designed my business cards. Spurred on by Moo's offer of free stickers for Etsy followers on Twitter, I quickly designed some round stickers, which although cute looked nothing like what I had originally planned for my business cards and branding.

My new Moo round stickers
Given that I'd designed them in a bit of a hurry I wasn't sure how good they'd be, but I loved them as soon as they arrived - so much so I completely ignored previous ideas for the business cards and followed the same theme. I've been waiting impatiently for business cards, mini cards and return address labels to turn up (what can I say, I was one of those kids that bought new stationery right at the start of the summer holidays!), and had a massive smile on my face when these turned up today.

Yeah, Helen, open me quickly...
A veritable rainbow of business cards
Ooh look, mini cards
I do love Moo's branding. They've captured a playfulness on their website but that also extends to their email communications and packaging. The mini cards came with their own baggage info.

I've also (finally) set up a Facebook page for Josie and May (it's almost embarrassing how long it's taken my to sort all this out, given that my day job is dealing with websites and social media), and I'm slowly adding pictures of past makes. As a result, I'm getting a few custom orders so I've been busy making new reversible bags. I love this one so much I'm tempted to keep it for myself, but I think I'll end up buying some more fabric for another one.

Nautical reversible bag - ahoy sailor!
This weekend I'm planning on making more make up bags and taking decent photographs so that I can add them to my Etsy store before a self-imposed sewing lock down, where I will be entertaining in-laws and decorating the bedroom (not at the same time). Well, at least until the time comes to make the curtains.

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