1 November 2011

52 sleeps!

Yes, I know it's only just November, but those of us who plan to have a crafty Christmas have been thinking about the 'C' word for a good few months now.

Most of my plans are around decorations, including some Christmas bunting and fabric wreaths. I got the   materials last year but never got around to making them, so I'm determined to get them finished by early December.

For the first time I'll also be participating in Crafty Christmas Club, set up by the lovely Tilly.  Pop over and have a look if you fancy seeing what people are planning on making for Christmas (presents, food and decorations). Unless you're expecting to get a present from me. In which case don't - you'll only ruin the surprise!!

Oh, and crochet at the Make Lounge was brilliant. I loved it so much that I've already signed up for the follow up course, and I've a new skill which I've already put to good use...

...the Mollie Makes apple jacket. Although I have the magazine I used the pattern that was reproduced on the Guardian website. And if you fancy a laugh - read the comments. Honestly, if they put as much effort into crafting as they do commenting, well, they could probably have mastered the apple jacket pattern by now!

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